I'm chopping my hair off today. I've been wanting to do it for a while now and I know it's time. This happened to me a few years. My hair was probably as long as it is now and I just suddenly got this urge that it was time to finally make the big cut so I made an appointment right away. Same thing happened last week. I guess you could say I'm a creature of habit.

I'm overly dramatic when it comes to my hair and I'm fully aware of that. It may sound completely bizarre, but for me cutting my hair represents getting rid of the unnecessary stress and baggage in my life and starting fresh. I've believed in this theory for years and it could not be more applicable than it is now. That's why something more than just a trim is definitely in order.

I found this little "keep calm" gem on Pinterest recently. So just in case I get nervous at the salon today, I know Chuck Bass will keep me calm (:

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Can't wait to see it!