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I arrived at the salon last week, ready to finally make the change I've been wanting to make for a while now. I anticipated feeling somewhat anxious after 6 inches of hair had been cut off, but I didn't. Like at all. It wasn't even a shock for me, not during the haircut and not after. It was so bizarre, but I think that's how I knew I was ready for this change.

I walked out of the salon with my hair styled straight and I absolutely loved it. Everything was fine and dandy until a few days later when I washed my hair and decided to try styling it wavy like I usually do. That's when disaster struck. I had been so content with my new cut all week and for the first time, I was actually asking myself if it was a mistake. It was like delayed panic. Note to self: don't ever try to style mid length hair with a curling wand when it's blunt cut. The length and cut of my hair had changed and trying to style it in the same way I did when it was long just wasn't working.

I spent the weekend obsessing over my hair and trying to figure out what needed to change and I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what it was. The blunt cut just wasn't working for me and I needed a few more long layers to style it the way I'm accustomed to. By the way, I realize this is starting to sound very firstworldproblems, but if you're a perfectionist about your hair the way I am, I know you understand. 

I had said long layers cut earlier this week and although I'm still scared straight to even attempt to style it wavy, it feels a lot better. I think I have to say goodbye to my beloved curling wand for the time being because of the length of my hair right now and say hello to my curling iron again. Don't you hate it when you finally find your favorite way to style your hair and then you have to search for another favorite method all over again? Oh, just me? Okay.

Here are a few before and afters of my new cut, styled straight of course. I'm going to work on styling it wavy as well as figuring out more ways to style it straight because I don't have the option of just putting it in a top bun anymore! Oh the humanity. P.S. Please disregard the random windblown strand of hair in the first after pic below.

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Emily said...

I think it looks awesome and I am proud of you, so daring to try something new! I love it and I get the panic when you can't style it the way you want anymore :( That part, not so cool.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Super cute. I got my hair cut shorter a while back and had the same issue! I now curl my hair with a straightner and I am in LOVE! It lasts for days and looks even better the second day :)

Eatlovemerry said...

I'm loving you current hair! :)