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Growing up, spring was always my favorite season. Both in terms of weather and seasonal fashions. I just felt more myself in soft pretty pastels and floral prints and I always felt like I knew how to dress for spring better than any other season. Then some time during the first year of our marriage, I fell in love with autumn. I have no idea why, but the cozy sweaters and cooler weather just made me feel so at home. It's been this way for me ever since and that's even how this blog got its name.

But over the past month, something weird has been happening with me and it's like all of a sudden I am SO excited for the spring! I don't know if its because it has actually been cold this winter, cold for SoCal that is, or because this year has felt like a year of new beginnings so far, but whatever the case, I am all about spring right now! It's as though all the difficulties of 2012 represent the winter and this new year feels like the world around me is awakening and everything is being reborn. That's the very essence of spring, isn't it?

It's not quite warm enough to be wearing short sleeves on most days, but I've started to celebrate spring slightly early with spring colors (I'm all about seafoam right now), bold floral prints and a fresh coat of pink nail polish on my toes.  

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Love that bag!!!