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Well, I finally did it. I painted the rest of the living room. It was something I've been debating for weeks now, both how many walls I would actually paint and what color I would paint them. I'm so glad there is finally paint on the wall and I'm even more glad I don't have to think about it anymore! We've sold all the old furniture and all our new pieces are in, now we just have to wait until the piano is finished and adorn the walls and our living room will finally feel like an actual living room again. Who knew a new couch would result in such a massive decor revamp?

Aside from being excited to finally be done with painting, one of the highlights of the weekend was, of course, the Grammys! You know me and red carpets. I love seeing what everyone is wearing and how everyone does their hair and makeup. In fact, I think I'm more interested in the fashion than I am the actual awards! Well, with the exception of the Oscars that is. That's when the red carpet and the awards might be on equal footing. I'll let you know how I feel in 2 weeks. Today, I'm recapping all my favs from this year's Grammys! Here goes.

I'm still not a fan of her purple hair, but I think Kelly Osbourne looked so classy. Her dress, her gold accessories and her middle part with a low ponytail. Such a great look for her!

Is it even possible for Carrie Underwood to not look beautiful? Her hair and especially her makeup are always flawless and I really loved her dress, although for some reason the light in this image doesn't do it justice.

I'm not usually a huge fan of the way Rihanna is styled, but I think she looked so beautiful last night! Her hair and makeup coordinated so flawlessly with her dress. I'm not even a fan of red, but this dress was incredible. The only thing I would change is that homegirl most definitely needed some support up top. And when I say support, I mean a bra.

Bad picture of her, but I really like Nicole Kidman's look as well. We all know how much I love gold, so her dress was of course, one of my favs and I think she wears pin straight hair so well.

Giuliana Rancic has such great style and even though I don't always put her red carpet attire in my collections of favs, I love this look. The color of her dress, her hair, her makeup, I love it all. Every time I see her hair it reaffirms my desire to cut mine mid length. All in good time...

Absolutely love Taylor's Swift's look! She looks like a greek goddess. I really loved the braids in her hair and I'm crazy about her dress. The only thing I would change is the t shaped strap in the middle of her dress. I like it incorporated into the rest of her dress, but that one piece, I just can't get used to.

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