Truth be told, I'm not very eloquent when it comes to writing in greeting cards. I don't know if it's me being perfectionistic as usual or if I'm really that horrible at greeting card prose, but I feel like I lack that particular skill nonetheless. I've let this idea prevent me from writing in cards more often than I should lately, but I decided that for Valentine's Day this year, I'm going to change my ways and actually compose something nice for Jeff. Let's face it, he's stuck doing a lot for me for Valentine's Day so I should probably attempt to be a good wife and return the favor.

I had a few extra paper hearts leftover from the paper heart garland I created last week, so I figured one of the smaller hearts would be the perfect for a handcrafted card. So just in case you're in the market for a last minute card and you don't like store bought Valentine's cards, I've got you covered. Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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