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Eyeliner. It's one of the products I can't live without, but it's also the bane of my existence at times. I know, I'm being dramatic, but I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to eyeliner. Some women can get away with applying eyeliner just in their waterline and some look fabulous without any eyeliner at all, but I'm definitely not one of those women. I've worn various kinds of eyeliner since I started wearing makeup as a teenager. Pencil, liquid, gel, you name it. I've even used eyeshadow as eyeliner and it was my go-to for many years. So if you're on the lookout for product recommendations or for ways to simplify your eyeliner routine, I'm sharing some of my opinions in today's post.

Allow me to preface the rest of this post with the idea that I'm not a makeup artist nor expert when it comes to makeup. I'm just a makeup hobbyist if you will and I'm always on hunt for ways shorten the length of time it takes me to get ready in the morning. I'm also fiercely loyal to MAC makeup with the exception of my favorite brand of drugstore mascara. If anything I share helps anyone in any way, I'll be totally stoked. And if you have any makeup tips or tricks to share, I'm all ears!

My journey with eyeliner started with an inexpensive drugstore brand of pencil liner. I didn't become an expert at it and some time during high school, I started using liquid liner. I don't know how I was able to use it so frequently without complaining about how long it took to apply, but I used it for a long time. Then during my first year of college, I paid my first visit to the MAC counter at Nordstrom. They taught me how to use various shades of eyeshadow as eyeliner by applying it with an angled brush and I used that for all my eyeliner needs up until a few years ago. That's when I was introduced to gel liner. And it changed my world for better and for worse. I was so excited that I could finally apply a product that would last as long as I wanted it to, but bummed because it took me so long to apply in the perfectionistic manner I like to apply it. After using it for a year or two, I found a brush that made it easier to apply, but I still wasn't sold because I felt like it took too long to apply. Recently, I paid a visit to one of my MAC friends and inquired about a simplified makeup routine I could use, particularly on Sunday mornings. Because church starts at 9 AM this year and we all know I'm not a morning person. She reintroduced me to pencil liner and now, I'm totally obsessed. Here are the eyeliner products that are in my current rotation:

1. Eye Kohl - I use this pencil when I want a smudged look. I can apply it more quickly than any other liner and it's perfect when I only have a second, but want to wear some type of eyeliner. I apply it to my eyelid and then smudge it with the #219 pencil brush.

2. Powerpoint Eye Pencil - I'm obsessed with this right now and it's the eyeliner I use the most frequently. It's fairly easy to apply and it stays on all day. I never expected that kind of staying power from an eye pencil, but this one is amazing. I should also note that I typically apply an eye primer before using this. I also use the #219 pencil brush to smudge areas where I haven't applied it as perfectly as I'd like.

3. Penultimate - I've been wanting to get back into wearing liquid liner for a while now, but I just haven't practiced enough with it. I currently have this liquid liner that I use very occasionally, but when I start getting into wearing liquid liner more often, I will definitely purchase a tube of Penultimate. I've used it before and I'm pretty sure it's probably the easiest form of liquid liner to apply.

4. Fluidline - This was the gel eyeliner I was telling you about and it has insane staying power. I love it, I really do. The only problem is that it takes more time to apply than an eye pencil. Obviously the more you practice, the more quickly you can apply it. But I still stray away from it for every day use just because I'm too perfectionistic. I used to apply it with the #263 small angle brush, but then I found the #211 pointed liner brush.

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