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We have loathed our couch for many years now. It seemed like the perfect fit when we first got married, and navy blue was exactly the color I wanted, but it's been almost 6 years now and our style has definitely changed. We were fortunate enough to get a new couch as a Christmas gift from Jeff's parents and this past weekend, we finally brought it home. It's a thousand times more modern and sophisticated than our old couch, not to mention that it's actually comfortable enough to take an afternoon nap on, but there's one big problem I'm having that I noticed as soon as we got it situated in the living room. The new couch is a totally different color than our old couch and I'm feeling like it doesn't match very well in our living area now.

I'm not about to take the new couch back and I actually really like the color a lot better than our navy blue couch, but because it's such a neutral color along with the rest of our living area, the room is definitely going to need some light revamping. The second I realized this, the wheels started turning in my head and I immediately started thinking about a color palette. Jeff totally freaked out when he heard me talking about all my ideas, urging me to take it one step at a time and not rush into anything drastic. So I decided to create a mood board to actually show him that there's method to my madness and that if he'll just sit back and relax, our living area will look a thousand times better when I'm done with it. And even if it doesn't, the peace that will come from not hearing me complain about it will be well worth the trouble of revamping.

Because we live in a small apartment in Orange County, our living area consists of the living room on one side of the room and my "office" on the other side of the room. We have one large gray accent wall, dark furniture in the living room area and a white desk, turquoise set of drawers full of office supplies and mustard colored curtains in the office area. All of this worked with the navy blue couch, but now that our couch is a lighter gray, the color scheme needs to change.

The new color palette I've chosen for the room includes accents of coral, a blue that I can only describe as a mix between teal and navy, and gold.  

4. gray striped rug

The furniture and walls in the room are neutral colored and I really like how the lighter gray on the accent wall looks with the coral. I've already acquired the coral colored pillow and I absolutely LOVE how it looks on the couch! It even sort of matches the mustard colored curtains, but I feel like blue curtains would look a lot more rich in this room. The blue fabric swatch is the type of fabric I'll be looking for when it comes to curtains. I also want to use the same fabric for a DIY ottoman for the living room. The ottoman we have now just looks awful, especially with the new couch and I think an ottoman with some color will help to brighten up the living room portion of the room. If I can find a rug similar but less expensive than the one shown above, I will definitely add it to the living room. And as for the turquoise set of drawers in the office, I actually have another set of drawers just like it that I'm using for storage that I haven't painted. So I'll likely paint it white to match my desk and switch out the turquoise dresser so things look more cohesive. Wish me luck!


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Emily said...

What a BEAUTIFUL couch! So happy for you! I love the new colors, the coral especially sounds beautiful. I am excited to see the transformation!

Anonymous said...

The pops of color will definitely be fun!!! Versatile, too. Maybe you should look for a rug with more color in it, though. The grey one feels like the antithesis of what you're going for...