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I paid my very first visit to a MAC cosmetics counter when I was 18 years old and I've been wearing MAC makeup ever since. As a result, I've acquired an embarrassingly large collection of MAC eyeshadows over the years, all in single eye shadow form. A friend of mine who is a makeup artist saw my eyeshadow collection once and introduced me to MAC eyeshadow palettes as a way to better organize my makeup. And I've been determined to purchase a palette ever since. The thing that has been holding me back, along with a lack of free time, is not knowing how to depot single MAC eyeshadows so they fit into a palette.

Having eyeshadow palettes is not only helpful to organize a large number of single MAC eyeshadows, but it's also really helpful when you want to keep a certain color collection together so you can remember what shadows you like paired with other shadows or so you can keep track of colors that look best on your crease or on your eyelid for example. You can purchase eyeshadow specifically made for a palette, but just in case you're like me and you've already acquired single shadows you want to organize, you'll need to depot your existing shadows in order to add them to a palette.

I'd been wanting to add this one color to a small palette I've had for while now to complete this particular color collection, so I finally stopped procrastinating and learned how to depot a single eye shadow. And that's exactly what I'm going to share with you today! Here goes.

Step 1: Pop out the small pot of eyeshadow sitting in the container using a small tool. It doesn't matter what kind of tool you use. I've seen some people use their nails and I've seen others use the metal end of a hair bow. Whatever works for you.

Step 2: Now that you have the pot of eyeshadow removed from the container, you'll need to separate the silver palette-ready container from the outer black plastic pot. You can separate the two by heating the bottom of the plastic eyeshadow pot for 5-10 seconds, or until you start to see a hole form on the bottom of the pot. Be sure to use something to hold the pot while you heat it because the plastic will get hot! We used tweezers because we're ghetto fabulous. 

Step 3: Once you see a hole form in the bottom of the plastic pot or you see the plastic warping, use whatever tool you'd like (we used the same metal tool we used in step 1) to push through the bottom of the pot and pop out the silver palette-ready container.

Step 4: The silver palette-ready container might be sticky, so you can always add a magnet to the bottom because MAC eyeshadow palettes are magnetized. I decided to just put the original sticker from the single eyeshadow container on the bottom of the silver container to control the stickyness and use it for reference so I know what color it is. If you want to remove the sticker, just heat the eyeshadow container for a few seconds and peel it off. If it doesn't come off easily, heat it up for a few more seconds.

Step 5: Save your empty MAC eyeshadow container(s). MAC will give you a free lipstick/lipgloss/eyeshadow for every 6 empty containers you bring in.  

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Never knew how to do that!!!