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I'm the first to admit that I complain far too often about how displeased I can be with the weather in Southern California. I'm ridiculously blessed to live in a place where the climate is so mild, but when the rest of the country was welcoming the fall season with scarves and boots this year, I was running my A/C more often than I'd like because it was 90 degrees in October. Then Jeff and I took a weekend trip to Big Bear, CA. I was so looking forward to actual fall weather and while it was so fun to get to wear a sweater without sweating (pun only slightly intended), I ended up slightly freezing my butt off. Oddly enough, I think it made me appreciate our weather at home a bit more and since we've had a few days in the 60's and 70's over the past week, I am now feeling content.

This post isn't just about my weather preferences, it's about how to dress in seasonally matched attire even when you live in a place where the weather doesn't reach seasonal extremes. A mild climate if you will. When fall officially began this year, I started to get frustrated with my wardrobe because I wanted to wear fall clothing, but it was way too hot. First I decided to start making the shift to fall clothing with color and prints. If I couldn't wear boots or a scarf, I'd wear short sleeves and cropped pants, but in fall colors and prints. I also started wearing more close toed shoes instead of sandals. Once the temperatures dropped from the 80's and 90's, I started mixing in fall pieces like sweaters and scarves, still combining them with cropped pants or shorts. On days where it's in the 70's and I'm itching to wear boots, I'll typically pair them with my favorite leggings and a short sleeved shirt or cropped sleeved sweater.

Although we aren't blessed with too many colored leaves and I don't have a fireplace at home to make it really feel like fall, I'm learning to embrace more mild temperatures during my favorite season of the year. Drinking the occasional carmel apple spice from Starbucks doesn't hurt either.

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Unknown said...

I am loving your outfit and especially those leopard loafers! So cute!