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Truth be told, we're creatures of habit when it comes to eating out. We always end up frequenting the same restaurants and ordering the same things each time we go. Every so often we'll switch things up and dine at our favorite waffle sandwich restaurant, but of course, we typically end up ordering the same things every time we're there. Recently, a friend of ours told us about a new waffle sandwich restaurant called The Iron Press that she said was even better than the one we've been going to. So we decided to switch things up and give it a try.

We shared the tossed green salad with vinaigrette dressing and an order of waffles fries with the garlic aioli dipping sauce to start us off. We both liked the salad and agreed that the dressing was unusually subtle in taste but good. The waffle fries were good but the dipping sauce we ordered separately we felt we could have done without because it was just okay.

The concept for their waffles sandwiches is basically the same as what we're used to, but the presentation, sandwich combinations and environment in the restaurant is what really differentiated the two establishments. The cuisine at The Iron Press felt like more of a full and complete meal than what we've become accustomed to at Bruxie and the environment felt a lot more urban and sophisticated. We're used to eating outdoors at the Bruxie location we go to so being able to sit in an air conditioned building and watch the sandwiches being prepared while we waited was awesome! I wanted to order the breakfast waffle sandwich minus the meat, so the server told me to order the grilled cheese waffle sandwich and just add the egg to it and that by doing so I'd be saving a few bucks, so that's exactly what I did. The sandwich was delicious and definitely filling and I love that it actually had a pan fried egg instead of an omelet style or scrambled egg. I also love that every sandwich comes with a side of syrup and that you don't get charged extra for it. We didn't have room for a dessert waffle sandwich, but I have no doubt we'll be going back for one some time in the near future.

One of my favorite TV shows on the Food Network is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and critiquing and seeing how food is made is one of my favorite things to do. The ambiance at Iron Press is awesome and  it's a place where you and your friends will definitely want to hang out. I don't drink beer, but one of the owners mentioned that there are 27 different kinds of beer on tap from all over the state of California. I ordered the Prosciutto & Gruyere waffle sandwich and not only did it taste great by itself, but also with syrup which was not something I was expecting. I plan on going to back because I really want to try the Fried Chicken waffle sandwich, which I'm told is their most popular. I definitely would recommend The Iron Press because both the food and the atmosphere are fantastic.

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