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I've been waiting forever to see this and I'm happy to say it completely exceeded my expectations. I read the book earlier this year and it's the only one I've read cover to cover in the Twilight saga. It's such a different experience when you read the book beforehand and for me, it typically takes away from the movie because I'm sitting there comparing it to the book. Not so with this one. I don't know if it's because it's been almost a year since I've read the book and perhaps I've forgotten a few things, but I felt like the movie matched the second half of the book really well and what wasn't exactly the same didn't take away from my experience reading the book at all. One main difference from the book was a major scene that was added to the movie. It was a scene I felt like I was wanting from the book, but never got, so the addition of it really surprised me and fit in more perfectly than I ever imagined it could. I'd been listening to the soundtrack in the days before I saw the movie and really liking it, but after seeing the movie, it made me like the soundtrack even more. What I also appreciated was the pacing of the film. Breaking Dawn Part 1 had so much to cover and some of it felt rushed to me, so this was a nice departure from that. I loved this movie so much that I've officially added it to my top 2 favorites of all 5 Twilight Saga films and I'm counting down the days until I can purchase it on DVD. Or see it again in theaters (: (5/5)  

Yes, I know. I'm a man and I watch Twilight. I've watched all 5 movies and this one was definitely my favorite. I usually lean toward movies that are more action based and this movie fulfilled my need to see action. I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with the entire movie. If you're going to watch a Twilight movie, I think this is the best one to watch. I also read the book Breaking Dawn. I know...I lost my man card a long time ago. I think I disagree with Ash in terms of the book matching the movie, but the screenwriter did a very good job getting all the main points across from the book without straying too far away from the text. And where the movie did stray away from the book, it really added to the movie and made it that much better. That's something Ash I agree on when it comes to the book vs the movie. I totally enjoyed the music that accompanied each scene and felt like it really added a lot to the movie. Fellow males out there, if you're going to lose your man card, this one is definitely worth losing it for. (5/5)   

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