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With Thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, I thought it was the perfect time for a favorite things post. One thing I'm also grateful for that isn't included on my favorite things list this time is that we're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family tomorrow. Jeff will be doing most of the cooking, including his first attempt at cooking a turkey and baking a homemade apple pie. I have very high hopes for the turkey because we're using a killer recipe (more on that on Monday) but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly worried for the apple pie. Pies are complicated things in my mind and I felt like we needed a test run before our actual Thanksgiving dinner.

After overhearing us discuss said apple at Target earlier this week, a random lady assured me that making a pie was easy. This was right before she proceeded to share some pretty specific instructions for apple pie making and then told me that she was going to purchase a pricey $26 pie from a bakery for her Thanksgiving dinner this year. While I appreciated her tips and tricks for making our first apple pie a success, somehow she didn't completely convince me. Here's hoping that famous "easy as pie" saying is actually legit. I'll be sure to let you know first thing next week.

1. X Factor - I'm gonna just be realistic here and come right out and say that American Idol isn't going to be around forever. They got rid of JLo and they've added Nicky Minaj to the judges panel this year. If that doesn't kill the show, I don't know what will. But fortunately for us, there's X Factor. The first season was a bit shaky as they were figuring things out and thankfully they got rid of last year's horrid host and replaced him with Mario Lopez and my personal fav, Khloe Kardashian (I mean, Khloe Kardashian Odom). Jeff and I were lucky enough to attend a live taping of the show a few weeks ago and I'm really liking it this season. I also really like how they show how all the contestants are ranked in terms of votes. Now if they can just get rid of CeCe Frey and her ever changing style.

2. Antibacterial Hand Soap in Candy Cane Bliss - Peppermint scented or flavored anything is always at the top of my list at this time of year. I always get some form of peppermint scented soap at Bath and Body Works every December and this year, I decided to extend the party into January by purchasing 2 bottles.

3. Red by Taylor Swift - I never really jumped on the T-Swift bandwagon when it began, but for some reason I felt like I needed this album. I have various other Taylor Swift singles, but I'd never actually pulled the trigger and purchased an entire album. I'm happy to say that this slight impulse purchase definitely paid off. I listened to it in the car all the way to Big Bear and half of the ride home. I like to credit Taylor for getting me both up as well as down that windy mountain without feeling car sick. And now I think I'm a T-Swift fan.

4. MAC Cremesheen Glass in Dynasty at Dusk - There's this guy that works at the MAC counter at Nordies and I'm telling you, he has a major talent for picking out the perfect shade of lip gloss. I tested this theory a few times and every time, he works his magic and I walk out an ecstatic customer. One of his latest picks for me is this color. I told him I needed an every day gloss to replace one I'd been using that ran out and he picked a shade with a slight gold shimmer to it. This is without even knowing how much I love gold. That's when I asked him to stop working for MAC so he could just come to my place to do my makeup everyday. Then he picked out the most amazing shade of bright pink gloss.

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