It's a rare thing that we get the opportunity to wear scarves in Orange County. But whenever the temps dip below 70 degrees, I jump at the chance to add a comfy accessory to my outfits. I found the idea for this scarf craft from the mothership of all great ideas (Pinterest), but decided to change it up just a bit to better tailor it to my own style in terms of the process, print and color.  

. fabric paint (aka paint that can be used on fabric)
. a paintbrush
. a large eraser
. a scarf

1. Start with a freshly ironed scarf. The more wrinkles in the fabric you can eliminate, the better.
2. Cut eraser to desired shape according to what kind of print you want on your scarf.
3. Dip your newly created eraser stamp in some paint and stamp away!
4. Use a paintbrush to correct any areas that might not have stamped evenly.

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