Truth be told, we don't get the opportunity to go on very many vacations these days. So when a client so generously offered to let us stay in her family's cabin in Big Bear, CA during the weekend we were scheduled to photograph her engagement session there, we jumped at the chance. The temps were in the 80's and 90's in Orange County last weekend, so being in mountains where the highs didn't go past the mid 60's during the warmest part of the day was absolute heaven.  Along with the fresh air, colored leaves on many of the trees and a warm fireplace to enjoy at night at the cabin.

We were so excited they named a restaurant after one of Jeff's many obnoxious nicknames. Bet you'll never guess who came up with this particular name.

We stopped to take in the scenery halfway through our trip down the mountain. It really feels like a different world up there.  

Not only are we mastering the art of self portraiture with both of us in the photo, some of us are working on individual self portraiture as well (:

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