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If I had to define my own personal style, I'd undoubtedly say it's both classic and feminine.  This was reiterated to me once while shopping at one of my favorite stores.  A sales girl who was assisting me told me she pinpointed my style right away based on the items I'd chosen to bring with me to the fitting room.  Being an entrepreneur, I'm always striving to make sure my brand is a reflection of my own personal style, so out of curiosity, I asked her how she would describe my style.  You'll never guess which two words she used as descriptors (:

Truth be told, I was a late adopter of the colored denim trend.  Bold and brightly colored pants just didn't seem to fit with my classic style and I told myself I'd just have to pass on this particular trend.  But after seeing it pop up everywhere for a few seasons and seeing it styled in different ways, I finally gave in when I saw this pair of extremely reasonably priced green pants.  I decided that in order to, as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work" for me, I'd have to use colored pants as the statement piece every time I wore them.  I try to wear more neutral colors when it comes to tops and accessories so that it doesn't look like two pieces are competing with each other.

I've found that often times when I wear my green pair of pants, I end up wearing a black shirt. On this specific occasion, Jeff and I were headed out to the movie theater (surprise, surprise) so in addition to the black t-shirt I paired with the pants, I added a black blazer to keep warm inside the air conditioned theater.  In keeping with the neutral top and accessories theme, I added a gold headband.  But then I did something I don't normally do when I wear colored pants.  I added a bold print in the form of animal print flats.  I'd been dying to wear animal print because it's fall and because I was wearing so much black, I felt like the print helped to balance everything out without feeling too loud, at least by this classically styled girl's standards.    

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Anonymous said...

I haven't bought in to colored denim yet, either. But this is a super cute outfit!