The weather and I are in a fight.  It's been so unseasonably warm lately, the allergies are kicked into high gear and dare I say, even Jeff is in a fight with the weather as well.  I suppose I can't be too surprised, considering that SoCal weather is always crazy like this, but even having grown up here, it makes me long for fall.  Even though I might not even know what a legitimate fall feels like.

Last week, we had a few days that felt reminiscent of fall.  Meaning the highs were only in the low 70's.  So we took advantage and took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  The Halloween season just doesn't feel complete unless we do and because we don't have a child to dress up and take pictures of, we just took pictures of each other.  Still mastering the art of getting both of us in a photo together, but we're working on it.  And the weather?  It was absolute perfection.  

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Anonymous said...

Which pumpkin patch did you go to?

Ashley Perez said...

the Blah Blah Blahger - Tanaka Farms!

regina said...

Ashley, You are gorgeous. You look like a movie star!