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There's kind of a stigma behind saying you like to watch TV.  Like you're some sort of couch potato or something.  Stigma or not, I'll say it right here and right now, I really love my DVR.  I work from home the majority of the time and unless I'm sick, the TV is rarely used during the day.  But once I finally step away from my computer, at whatever hour of the evening that may be, I often retire to the couch and allow myself to just relax for a while before bed.  It's as though watching my favorite shows on the DVR helps me to transition from thinking about work to thinking about things like Blair Waldorf's wardrobe and who is going to make it to the next round on X Factor.  Jeff shares this same hobby with me and I'd say 90% of the shows on our DVR are shows we watch together.  As in we can't watch them unless we're together lest one of us dares to get behind on programming.  Here are some of the shows currently on our DVR this season.

1. Gossip Girl - Still bothered that we only get 10 episodes for the final season...does that mean a discounted season 6 box set?
2. Hart of Dixie - It got good at the end of the first season, so we're still hanging on to it.
3. 90210 - Don't judge - I watched the original 90210 and I can't give this one up without feeling guilty.
4. Switched at Birth - Jeff's parents are deaf, so we like seeing how they portray deaf culture and the story line is obviously unique.
5. Giuliana & Bill - Need I say more?  We met Bill in person while attending a taping of their new show due to come out this fall (Ready for Love) and he's ridiculously handsome in person.
6. X Factor - We're American Idol junkies, so this is right up our alley.  I may even take Britney's place as a judge next season should she not return (:
7. Project Runway - First season we've watched and I'm obsessed with Tim Gunn.  Make it work is officially my new mantra.
8. American Idol - Obsessed with the show.  Although I must say I'm already mourning JLo's absence.
9. The Bachelor - Even more obsessed with this than Idol.  We even make Starbucks drink & pastry wagers with a friend about who we think will be left standing at the final rose every season.

*Just for the record, I also watch The Kardashians.  Don't judge, I like to watch to see what they wear, how they do their hair and makeup and how many amazingly delicious looking salads they eat for lunch.  Along with everything else they do.

*P.S. Is Body of Proof for sure coming back for another season?  I researched and found out that they are filming episodes, renewed for season 3 and that it will be back in winter of 2013.  That's another fav of ours.

1. Nashville - Because obviously we don't have enough to watch already...haven't seen any episodes just yet but I'm hearing good things about it!

What are some of YOUR favorite TV shows this season?  Anything we're missing in our current line up?

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Emily said...

Jeff and I just got into Hart of Dixie on Netflix and we love it, Jane by Designand Make it or Break it, and Drop Dead Diva and Dance Academy are all awesome too! I got into Switched at Birth as well, such a fun show! Love ya, Em

Dresden said...

I've watched the first 2 episodes of Nashville and so far I really like it! The first episode was very drama rich, but the second episode backed off a tiny bit, but it's got me hooked for now.
You're totally missing out on Parenthood, unless you tried it and didn't like it. It is my favorite show :)

I think everyone secretly loves The Kardashians ;)

Law Rhen said...

Uhm I didn't know you watched switched at birth?! It makes sense. Jeremy and I secretly love it? We are very embarrassed by it. Is it back on?!