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I wouldn't consider myself an extremely crafty person, but every once in a while I find myself with a simple craft project I feel comfortable undertaking.  This was one such project.  And of course, I found the idea for it on Pinterest.  Instead of a having a preexisting color palette in mind, I fee like this color palette just sort of found me.  Jeff and I were at Home Depot getting a few basic supplies to paint the dining room and I came across the paint samples.  I pretty much loathe going to Home Depot, except when it comes to the paint aisle.  As I was perusing, I came across 2 new Behr colors.  Behr is the brand of paint we used for all our gray walls, so I thought I'd compare the swatches of new paint to a swatch of the gray we were about to use to paint our dining room.  I initially thought I'd use these 2 brighter colors for frames for the dining room, but after we decided on white frames instead, I thought they could become the color palette for the decor in the frames.  And so our wall decor color palette was born.           

J and I attempted to create our own trees, but they were both kind of ugly.  So then we decided to combine forces.  He created the tree trunk and branches with a paint brush and I created the leaves using a compass to lightly outline the amount of space I wanted the leaves to cover and then q-tips to paint the leaves.

The Ambrose Redmoon quote is one of my favorites.  We created it in Photoshop and then had it printed at our favorite photo lab.  The colored paper that just so happens to match the wall decor color palette I had lying around from a coaster craft project I did earlier this year.  The Family Proclamation we created in Word and printed it on card stock using our printer at home.  

Being the OCD girl that I am, I find myself frequently changing or adjusting the decor around our home.  So you can imagine what it's like to look at a wall collage like this one and feel like the frames aren't straight.  Nightmare, right?  Or maybe that's just me.  I came up with a solution when we created our existing collage on this same wall.  Using fasteners I found at the store (either Target or Home Depot, can't remember which one), I simply secured matching velcro pieces to the bottom of each frame and the wall behind it.  I cut really small pieces so it wouldn't be impossible to adjust if need be or peel any paint when removed.  And viola!  Peace of mind.  That is unless I stare at it too long...  

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Liz.Bell.Mason said...

Ooo how fun. Makes me wanna paint some trees! I just switched out most of our furniture via Craigslist and now I'm trying to reinvent my decor. Gotta love Pinterest :)

Anne said...

Love that tree!!!