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I had high expectations for this movie because it seemed like the perfect balance between a chick flick and what I like to call a "boy movie".  It was slightly more of a drama than a rom-com than I initially anticipated, but it didn't disappoint.  Being a former psych major in college and growing up with 3 therapists in my family, I appreciated the exploration of the unique father-daughter relationship as well as 2 different character self discoveries present in the story line.  In terms of music, I wouldn't say anything really caught my attention.  From a photography standpoint, I'd say it was decent, but not over the top amazing.  There was one scene in particular that really caught my attention - when Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood are the only ones on the baseball diamond.  Two thumbs up for the acting.  Amy Adams is a fav of mine and both she and Mr. Eastwood did not disappoint.  Along with Justin Timberlake.  Who knew he could act? (overall rating: 4/5)    

I thought it was just okay.  Being a big sports fan, I enjoyed the sports aspect of the movie and learning more about baseball scouting.  But the plot was fairly predictable.  From a music standpoint, I'd give it 1 thumb down.  Nothing too moving.  From a photography standpoint, I'd have to agree with the wife regarding that one particular scene on the baseball diamond.  As far as acting is concerned, I didn't think it was oscar worthy, but the actors did get the message across.  Overall, I'm glad I watched it, but I probably won't buy it on DVD. (overall rating: 3/5)  

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