I had high expectations for this movie because it seemed like the perfect balance between a chick flick and what I like to call a "boy movie".  It was slightly more of a drama than a rom-com than I initially anticipated, but it didn't disappoint.  Being a former psych major in college and growing up with 3 therapists in my family, I appreciated the exploration of the unique father-daughter relationship as well as 2 different character self discoveries present in the story line.  In terms of music, I wouldn't say anything really caught my attention.  From a photography standpoint, I'd say it was decent, but not over the top amazing.  There was one scene in particular that really caught my attention - when Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood are the only ones on the baseball diamond.  Two thumbs up for the acting.  Amy Adams is a fav of mine and both she and Mr. Eastwood did not disappoint.  Along with Justin Timberlake.  Who knew he could act? (overall rating: 4/5)    

I thought it was just okay.  Being a big sports fan, I enjoyed the sports aspect of the movie and learning more about baseball scouting.  But the plot was fairly predictable.  From a music standpoint, I'd give it 1 thumb down.  Nothing too moving.  From a photography standpoint, I'd have to agree with the wife regarding that one particular scene on the baseball diamond.  As far as acting is concerned, I didn't think it was oscar worthy, but the actors did get the message across.  Overall, I'm glad I watched it, but I probably won't buy it on DVD. (overall rating: 3/5)  

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Welcome, welcome (said in Effie Trinket's voice).  We recently conjured up the idea to collaborate on some kind of project.  Something that would highlight both of our strengths, something we could do together and most importantly, something that would allow us to exercise creativity.  So we came up with the idea to create this blog.  We're not new to the blog world, but here we want to blog more about our life and the things that inspire us.  We'll be posting frequently about cuisine, crafts, style, decor and everything in between.  Including his/her movie reviews.  Because you all know how much we love hanging out at the movie theater!

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