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I arrived at the salon last week, ready to finally make the change I've been wanting to make for a while now. I anticipated feeling somewhat anxious after 6 inches of hair had been cut off, but I didn't. Like at all. It wasn't even a shock for me, not during the haircut and not after. It was so bizarre, but I think that's how I knew I was ready for this change.

I walked out of the salon with my hair styled straight and I absolutely loved it. Everything was fine and dandy until a few days later when I washed my hair and decided to try styling it wavy like I usually do. That's when disaster struck. I had been so content with my new cut all week and for the first time, I was actually asking myself if it was a mistake. It was like delayed panic. Note to self: don't ever try to style mid length hair with a curling wand when it's blunt cut. The length and cut of my hair had changed and trying to style it in the same way I did when it was long just wasn't working.

I spent the weekend obsessing over my hair and trying to figure out what needed to change and I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what it was. The blunt cut just wasn't working for me and I needed a few more long layers to style it the way I'm accustomed to. By the way, I realize this is starting to sound very firstworldproblems, but if you're a perfectionist about your hair the way I am, I know you understand. 

I had said long layers cut earlier this week and although I'm still scared straight to even attempt to style it wavy, it feels a lot better. I think I have to say goodbye to my beloved curling wand for the time being because of the length of my hair right now and say hello to my curling iron again. Don't you hate it when you finally find your favorite way to style your hair and then you have to search for another favorite method all over again? Oh, just me? Okay.

Here are a few before and afters of my new cut, styled straight of course. I'm going to work on styling it wavy as well as figuring out more ways to style it straight because I don't have the option of just putting it in a top bun anymore! Oh the humanity. P.S. Please disregard the random windblown strand of hair in the first after pic below.

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I'm chopping my hair off today. I've been wanting to do it for a while now and I know it's time. This happened to me a few years. My hair was probably as long as it is now and I just suddenly got this urge that it was time to finally make the big cut so I made an appointment right away. Same thing happened last week. I guess you could say I'm a creature of habit.

I'm overly dramatic when it comes to my hair and I'm fully aware of that. It may sound completely bizarre, but for me cutting my hair represents getting rid of the unnecessary stress and baggage in my life and starting fresh. I've believed in this theory for years and it could not be more applicable than it is now. That's why something more than just a trim is definitely in order.

I found this little "keep calm" gem on Pinterest recently. So just in case I get nervous at the salon today, I know Chuck Bass will keep me calm (:

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You know those moments in life when you feel like you're living under a big dark cloud? I was going to say rain cloud but because I LOVE it when it rains, it didn't seem fitting for what I'm attempting to explain. Things in my life have been crazy. Like most people, I'm not a big fan of stress and I've had so much of it lately I just don't even know what to do. I suppose the positive part is that it keeps me skinny (I kid, I kid...kind of) but just as the Genie in Aladdin says, it gives me such a crick in the neck. Literally. My chiropractor can vouch for me.

You may have noticed that the posts on this blog haven't been as regular as they usually are. And that just kills me. I've had to step away from regular posting just for the time being so I can get myself centered again. This short time away has also given me some time to think about the direction of this blog now that we're 5 months in with content. Now that Jeff started his new job, which we're still really excited about, the focus of this blog has shifted somewhat. Instead of keeping it a his/hers blog, it has morphed into more of a hers blog as I do most of the posting and in many cases, the posts are geared more towards women. Jeff will absolutely still be a contributor because we all know cooking isn't a hobby of mine and it's always good to get a guy's perspective on movies, but the posts won't be split so evenly anymore.

I'm still not back to regular posting, but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging without an explanation. Rest assured I haven't given up blogging already as it's something I really like and a great outlet for me. I'll be back once this rare and massive dark cloud passes through. I plan on including more posts about my life once that happens. For everyone that has read this blog, commented or made requests for different posts, thank you. It helps to not feel so alone in this internet world and I appreciate each and every one of you. See you soon! 


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Eyeliner. It's one of the products I can't live without, but it's also the bane of my existence at times. I know, I'm being dramatic, but I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to eyeliner. Some women can get away with applying eyeliner just in their waterline and some look fabulous without any eyeliner at all, but I'm definitely not one of those women. I've worn various kinds of eyeliner since I started wearing makeup as a teenager. Pencil, liquid, gel, you name it. I've even used eyeshadow as eyeliner and it was my go-to for many years. So if you're on the lookout for product recommendations or for ways to simplify your eyeliner routine, I'm sharing some of my opinions in today's post.

Allow me to preface the rest of this post with the idea that I'm not a makeup artist nor expert when it comes to makeup. I'm just a makeup hobbyist if you will and I'm always on hunt for ways shorten the length of time it takes me to get ready in the morning. I'm also fiercely loyal to MAC makeup with the exception of my favorite brand of drugstore mascara. If anything I share helps anyone in any way, I'll be totally stoked. And if you have any makeup tips or tricks to share, I'm all ears!

My journey with eyeliner started with an inexpensive drugstore brand of pencil liner. I didn't become an expert at it and some time during high school, I started using liquid liner. I don't know how I was able to use it so frequently without complaining about how long it took to apply, but I used it for a long time. Then during my first year of college, I paid my first visit to the MAC counter at Nordstrom. They taught me how to use various shades of eyeshadow as eyeliner by applying it with an angled brush and I used that for all my eyeliner needs up until a few years ago. That's when I was introduced to gel liner. And it changed my world for better and for worse. I was so excited that I could finally apply a product that would last as long as I wanted it to, but bummed because it took me so long to apply in the perfectionistic manner I like to apply it. After using it for a year or two, I found a brush that made it easier to apply, but I still wasn't sold because I felt like it took too long to apply. Recently, I paid a visit to one of my MAC friends and inquired about a simplified makeup routine I could use, particularly on Sunday mornings. Because church starts at 9 AM this year and we all know I'm not a morning person. She reintroduced me to pencil liner and now, I'm totally obsessed. Here are the eyeliner products that are in my current rotation:

1. Eye Kohl - I use this pencil when I want a smudged look. I can apply it more quickly than any other liner and it's perfect when I only have a second, but want to wear some type of eyeliner. I apply it to my eyelid and then smudge it with the #219 pencil brush.

2. Powerpoint Eye Pencil - I'm obsessed with this right now and it's the eyeliner I use the most frequently. It's fairly easy to apply and it stays on all day. I never expected that kind of staying power from an eye pencil, but this one is amazing. I should also note that I typically apply an eye primer before using this. I also use the #219 pencil brush to smudge areas where I haven't applied it as perfectly as I'd like.

3. Penultimate - I've been wanting to get back into wearing liquid liner for a while now, but I just haven't practiced enough with it. I currently have this liquid liner that I use very occasionally, but when I start getting into wearing liquid liner more often, I will definitely purchase a tube of Penultimate. I've used it before and I'm pretty sure it's probably the easiest form of liquid liner to apply.

4. Fluidline - This was the gel eyeliner I was telling you about and it has insane staying power. I love it, I really do. The only problem is that it takes more time to apply than an eye pencil. Obviously the more you practice, the more quickly you can apply it. But I still stray away from it for every day use just because I'm too perfectionistic. I used to apply it with the #263 small angle brush, but then I found the #211 pointed liner brush.

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ASHLEY ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)
It's no surprise I was ridiculously excited to see this movie. It's been a while since I've seen a solid chick flick in theaters, so this was long overdue for me. I had my suspicions going in that it would be slightly cheesy, just as most Nicholas Sparks story lines are, but I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't! I'd heard rumors of different reviews claiming it is as good as The Notebook and although I wouldn't go that far because I feel like The Notebook is in a class of its own, Safe Haven was definitely a close second behind it. It had all the makings of a great love story and all the elements of a good drama. And in Nicholas Sparks fashion, there was a brilliant twist that absolutely made me fall in love with the entire movie. I realize I'm totally biased because I love chick flicks so much, but I'm completely crazy about this movie and can't wait to get it on DVD!

JEFF ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)
Well guys, this is a classic chick flick. So if you're looking for action, there is very little. But there are some intriguing characters that make this movie a bit more tolerable for those who don't like chick flicks. Me, on the other hand, I appreciate a bit of romance, so I thought the movie was good. It's not The Notebook status, but still good. The music was really good and very complementary to the scenes in the movie. I also think that Julianne Hough did a decent job in terms of acting, considering this is her first major lead role, at least in any film that I've seen her in. If you're a guy and haven't already been dragged to this movie, don't fret, it's actually pretty decent.

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